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Hi, my name is Andita Rifayanti. I’m an international student taking a Double Degree Programme in Architecture offered by University of Indonesia (UI) and Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Brisbane, Australia. I took my first two years in UI and the final two years in QUT. Now I want to share a story on how I finally decided to study in Brisbane and a glimpse of my first year experience there. 

Why did I choose to take a double degree programme and why in Brisbane?

The double degree programme allows me to obtain the learning and networking experience not only in my home country (Indonesia) but also abroad. I saw this as an entry point and an opportunity to pursue my career as a global citizen, as well as expanding my connection. 

The programme allowed the students to choose between two universities located in Perth or Brisbane. And I chose Brisbane. My primary considerations were the lifestyle, learning environment, and the geographical location of Brisbane (which is predominantly related to the future opportunities of my industry).

So how was my first year experience in Brisbane?

By studying abroad I know I should adapt quickly to new environment and it requires me to live more independently. The most challenging part for me was adapting to the university environment. I had to find new circle of friends, new learning strategies, and mastering the new software programmes that I never used before in order to cope with the course. Fortunately, my seniors from the same campus helped me a lot in adapting to the learning environment here. I also broaden my network by joining Indonesian society and several international associations, especially those related to my industry as an architecture student. For me, finding new friends as a support system is what I needed the most to make Brisbane my second home. I also volunteered in the committee of several events and attended various networking events. In my opinion there are a lot of opportunities here. 

Message for the fellow readers who are still confused whether to decide to study abroad or not.

As I said earlier, studying abroad means you should prepare yourself in adapting to new environment and to live more independently. So try to gather as much information as you can, especially related to your field of study, lifestyle preferences, and future opportunities. Consider your own economic condition and future career path in mind. Ask around to find out about other people’s experience could be helpful for you, like if you have friends and connections that already studying in the same place that you have in mind. Or just simply search for different expertise on the Internet and connect with them. Then most importantly, prepare yourself to meet the requirements of the University where you want to continue your study. 

Anyway, here is a glimpse of my morning routine as a student in Brisbane. Enjoy! 

Andita Rifayanti
IG: @anditarfynt

An intro about studying in Brisbane

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