ISAQ Discussion Series “Endgame: Indonesia in the next 5 years”


Written by KabarOZ Contributor, Ashifa Rahma Wulandari

2019 is a brand new period for Jokowi after he won the presidential election in April 2019. This winning marks a new era of Jokowi as a President of Indonesia for twice in a row. Therefore, Indonesian Students Association of QUT (ISAQ) hosted a webinar to discuss what are the challenges for Jokowi in this second period and what areas that need to be improved for the next five years to perform a better government especially with the new composition of Indonesia’ Ministers. This webinar, titled “Endgame: Indonesia in the next 5 years” is moderated by Hesty Wulandari along with Achmad Supardi and I Gede Widhiana Suarda as the speakers.

I Gede Widhiana Suarda, is one of the experts of law and justice issues in Indonesia. He presented his opinion on the problems that government should pay attention to and what are the difficulties and challenges that Jokowi will face in this era. Mr. Suarda explained that corruption, terrorism and extremism, and narcotics are the issues that can harm the nation. Corruption Perception Index in 2017 showed that Indonesia still in a red mark area which means corruption in our country is still very high. This issue is very crucial because corruption can lead to poverty and inequality regarding infrastructure. Jokowi needs to be aware of the condition of his citizens in every state. Thus, it is essential to always look after the society, especially to people living under average wage.

The act of terrorism and radicalism could threat Indonesia’s defence in many stages. The extremism is a prolonged issue in Indonesia, especially when the group that spread the terror has been growing in Indonesia severely and recruited Indonesian citizens. Therefore, to avoid causing more anxiety concerning terrorism, Jokowi must use his influence wisely to solve the problems and create a safe environment for Indonesian people in the future.

The second speaker, Achmad Supardi, discussed the importance of the online platform and the types of news that circulate the user platform. He explained that the government needs to acknowledge Indonesian people as the government is exist because of the people and they should be aware of what people needs as well as what kind of information and news that scatters and circulating in the society. The president and the government need to be mindful of the platform that people use to share the information, especially online platform. Online platform can justify the readers’ views and thoughts. So monitoring online platform is essential to avoid false information spread in public arena.

Online space is now becoming a part of our everyday life; it becomes one of our daily activities. In online platforms, any news can be seen and thus can shape public perspective regarding some issues. The government need to be more attentive at the circulation of informations. Stigma and stereotypes can spread very fast, and if it is not controlled regularly can make hoax news going around very fast. Therefore, some of the challenges for the government in this digital era are purifying the common stock of knowledge, developing a tradition of honest deliberations, enforcing the verification to create a healthy digital environment, and discarding of any labelling, stereotyping, and stigma.

In conclusion, this ISAQ discussion series gives insightful knowledge and information about the environment that surrounds the government. In this new period of presidential, Jokowi needs to resolve various tasks that come from the previous era and the new ones as well. Hopefully, in the next five years, we can see a promising and significant change in many areas so Indonesia can be in a better condition in the future.


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