Khalid: Free Spirit Concert in Brisbane


Written by KabarOZ Contributor, Ashifa Rahma

But am I walking the right way
or should I be turning around?
Like little things like that
but I go back and forth in my head,
and I think it’s always nice to have reassurance.

Those texts started the beginning of “Saturday Night”, the last song that Khalid performed in his concert. Well, it has been almost two weeks since Khalid’s Brisbane concert, but the memory remained so vivid in my mind. Khalid has kicked off his tour, Free Spirit, to celebrate Khalid’s second record with the same name. Khalid started his Australia tour in Canberra on November 23rd before moving on to Brisbane, Melbourne, Ballarat, Adelaide, and Sydney.

I’ve been fortunate enough to watch his concert in Brisbane, on November 26th. To be able to experience Khalid’s show was such a magical feeling for me because the concert has delivered an all-round entertainment. The sound, the stage setting, and the performance of the song itself enhanced the concert experience. Khalid seemed to prefer a minimalist setting with a big screen behind, so every song has their visual show in which help visualise the meaning behind the songs. As a 21-year old singer, Khalid successfully showed the maturity of his career but also embed the playfulness of a young- adult who is still learning about the world at the same time.

With a total of 26 songs, Khalid managed to deliver his free spirit to his audience. From the start till the end, Khalid could lift the audience spirit and energy through his performance, including some of his popular ones, Talk, Young Dumb and Broke, Location, and Saturday Nights. Even though Khalid didn’t talk much, his performance showed that he put his soul and love to every song. He did tell the audience that some of his songs are from his personal experience, and that’s why the meaning is so meaningful for him.

Overall, Khalid’s concert Free Spirit was an excellent show that you need to see at least once in your lifetime. The concert made you feel nostalgic, reminded you of your youth that was full of love, laughter, happiness, uncertainty, disappointments, and all the feelings we mostly experienced as a young-adult. I kid you not, the show was worth every penny, and I definitely got home with such an incredible feeling because I have witnessed one of the best concerts from Khalid.


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