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Indonesians Who Lost Their Lives Over Domestic Violence

A wise man once said, “nothing good ever comes of violence,” Martin Luther King (leader of American civil rights movement 1954-1968). There are lots of lives ruined by violence and many innocent souls left too early.

In Australia,  domestic violence has become crucial challenge and widespread epidemic. The report conducted by Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that in 2014 and 2015, 2,800 women and 560 men were required for medical treatment as result of domestic violence.

Some of the infamous incidents were including few murders of fellow Indonesians. In early 2013, an Indonesian wife was reported missing by her husband. Three years on, in 2016, her husband was placed as a suspect of her murder, which then arrested in the same year. The man’s prison inmate later told ABC News that the man has confessed to shot his wife before disposed her body in Gold Coast seaway.

In 2014, a chef dismembered and cooked the body of his Indonesian partner, before he committed suicide. Later on in mid 2016, a young woman was brutally killed by her ex-boyfriend, only four days after her arrival in Sydney. The suspect is a man who was also involved in multiple crimes including Bali Nine case.

The horror of these unfathomable tragedies shocked the nation, but mainly Indonesian community across the country.

Understanding Domestic Violence and How to Prevent It

White Ribbons Australia stated that the main thing to do is to understand what is violence and what cause it. The various form of abuse, including financial abuse, emotional, physical, verbal, social, sexual, spiritual, and image-based. Moreover, it is revealed that meanwhile alcohol and drug substance are amongst the primary reasons, acceptance of the past abuse is a trigger of multiple, repetitive and sometimes bigger incidents.

If  you are involved in an abusive relationship,  speak up, tell the authorities and appeal for Domestic Violence Order (DVO). If you are the core aggressor, it is never too late to request for support in order to turn  your life around and save your loved ones. If you know anyone who are experiencing domestic abuse, help them to seek help.

As mentioned by Australian Christian organisation, SAFER Resource Common Grace, in life-threatening situation a third party or witness is allowed to solicit help from Police. However, in a non-emergency situation, consent from victims are required.

Learn from the above stories and do not wait until it is too late, object to violence and  fight back like warriors. Speak up and say no to violence!

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